Accuro Care Services

Accuro Care Services is a charity that is doing commendable work to reduce the social isolation of individuals with learning disabilities, so that they can cross bridges into the wider world. Accuro’s aim is to break down barriers for those who are often excluded. 

In addition to enabling the service users to truly develop a sense of belonging, to contribute and thrive, Accuro provides the much needed respite for parents, carers and siblings.

The types of disabilities commonly encountered at Accuro include Autistic Spectrum, Cerebral Palsy (acquired birth injury), Blindness (sensory disability), Severe debilitating forms of epilepsy, Downs Syndrome, Genetic conditions, Microcephaly (causes global developmental delay), ADHD (accompanied by autism), Prada Willi Syndrome (rare genetic syndrome), Fragile X Syndrome ( learning and behavioural challenges) and Congenital diaphragmatic hernia (small lungs have led to reduced oxygen at birth and learning difficulties).

Pérgatis is proud to be associated with Accuro.

Mr. Robert Purcell, Chief Executive Accuro and Dr. Amir Jafri, Chairman Pérgatis at the Accuro Care Facility in Saffron Walden, Essex 

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