Dr. Demet Dikmen - Istanbul

A graduate from the University of Istanbul, Cerrahpasa Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Dikmen is a leading consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist in Istanbul, Turkey. Besides traditional practice, Dr. Dikmen is also trained in Laparoscopic Surgery, and also underwent Robotic Surgery training and management of Chronic Pelvic Pain. She has her own clinic in Istanbul and is also associated with leading Istanbul hospitals.

Steven Yu - Sydney Australia

Mr. Yu is an Executive Director of a large business group in Sydney Australia. He has had two hair transplants and has been losing hair. Rest in the video!!!

Stephen Masters - Medical Herbalist, London

Dr Diana Finnegan - Dublin, Ireland 

First pic: Before


Second pic: After 5 applications, hair stopped falling


Third pic: After 3 months


Fourth pic: After 6 months

Pergatis hair is the best hair conditioner I ever used.

A must try by people who are losing hair. 

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I got to know of the product through official advertising related interaction with the company and am so happy that I tried the product personally. 

The transformation that you see in my before and after photos was only after using the hair product for about 8 weeks. Me, my family and friends were so surprised with the results. No wonder the hair product has done so well in the market.

—  Marketing Manager, Advertising Company, UK



"I started experiencing hair loss for the last 5 years and was looking for a natural solution. A colleague at work mentioned PÉRGATIS HAIR (formerly haireal) to me, immediately I wanted to give it a go.


To my pleasant surprise, I noticed an obvious difference in my hair volume within 4 weeks. Here are the pictures at start and after 4 weeks, the results are so amazing!! I am continuing to use PÉRGATIS HAIR because I know it works."

—  Zaheer, Engineer, London, UK



After hearing about Pergatis products, decided to personally try Pérgatis Hair and Brows. The photos of my hair are after 8 weeks of using the hair product. The gap around my crown, where the scalp was fairly exposed and visible, filled miraculously. 

The results on my brows were as dramatic. I have had a few gaps in my brows all this time. Within 2 months, my brows are fuller and much thicker. The gaps have apps filled up. 

I continue to use both products.


—  Businessman, Canada


"I've always had long thick curly hair but I have totally abused it!!! It has endured a life time of abuse....perms in the 90's, teasing, hairspray, & don't even talk about the dying, at first for fun, now to cover the grey : /

First I started loosing my baby bangs then one day I looked & my hair was thinning...I almost died !!!!

A friend introduced me to this product...Pergatis Hair (formerly haireal) 

After only 1 application my curls became manageable even soft!!

I couldn't wait to apply it again!! Then after only 2 weeks here are my results."



—  Rachel, Houston, TX, USA

—  Louise, Brighton, UK

"I have been suffering from dry skin condition for a while and I have tried various treatments to combat it. My scalp was really flaky and itchy all the time and as a result I was suffering hair loss. I had to continuously use medicated shampoo to just keep it under some control. But these medicated shampoos are quite strong and I kept losing more and more hair. It shattered my confidence and I used to feel very low. And then I came across haireal and wanted to give it a try as I was fed up with the other treatments. I was more drawn to this product as it has natural herbal ingredients.

Since I started using it, I started noticing reduced dryness in the scalp. My flakes began to disappear and started seeing hair growth. After 4-6 weeks I was confident enough to stop using the medicated shampoo after 2 years. It has been few weeks now and my scalp has never been better."



—  S.W, Manchester, UK

"I bought haireal (now named PERGATIS HAIR) in Dubai and went to my dermatologist in London recently after using the product for about 2 months.


My doctor was trying to help me with hair fall for almost a year without much success and was amazed to see the progress I have had. Besides significantly reducing hair fall, my hair has a fair bit of body and shine which I never observed before."

—  Linda, Executive Assistant, London, UK



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