100% natural

...helps Nourish Dry & Weak Hair Roots


PÉRGATIS HAIR is for people who may be actively losing hair and/or experiencing thinning. Pérgatis Hair provides nourishment to dry and weak hair roots through herbs and natural ingredients and makes hair thick and strong. The oil-based product takes its roots from Ayurverda and is massaged on to the scalp three times a week for a period of six weeks. When used as recommended, most people start to experience the difference in about six weeks.  

  • General Hair Loss

  • Hair Thinning

  • Dry Scalp Conditions

  • Post Child Birth Hair Loss

  • Chemically Treated Hair

  • Regularly Straightened and Blow Dried Hair 

  • Chemotherapy Related Hair Loss

  • Menopause Hair Loss

* For specific advice on your particular hair issue, please consult a doctor

According to experts, two-thirds of men will start to lose some hair by age 35. By 50, about 85 percent of men experience significant thinning. Females are no different - an estimated 40% of hair loss sufferers are female. By the time they reach 50, roughly half of all women experience some degree of hair loss.

The product is used by men and women for:

100ml - Lasts up to 8 weeks

50ml - Lasts up to 4 weeks



  • Nigella Sativa Seed Oil

  • Hydrogenated Egg Oil

  • Sesame Indicum Seed Oil

  • Olea Europaea Fruit Oil

  • Brassica Nigra Extract

100% natural


How does PÉRGATIS HAIR work?

PÉRGATIS HAIR gets absorbed through hair roots and provides nourishment through its time-tested 100% natural ingredients that go through specialised proprietary processes to form a potent hair revitalising solution.

How is PÉRGATIS HAIR made and what are its ingredients?

PÉRGATIS HAIR is made using the following ingredients: Brassica Nigra (Black Mustard) Extract Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil Sesamum Indicum (Sesame) Seed Oil Hydrogenated Egg Oil Nigella Sativa Seed Oil Individually known for their anti-hair fall / hair nourishing properties, the above ingredients, when taken through our processing processes, become highly potent and concentrated. The final formulation results in a solution which is known to strengthen hair and give it body.

How should I apply PÉRGATIS HAIR?

How should I apply PÉRGATIS HAIR? Using the dropper, please apply a total of 5ML (0.17 FL.OZ.) on your scalp. Each squeeze fills about 1ML in the dropper. Gently massage scalp with fingertips. Leave for at least 4 hours (preferably overnight) Rinse with regular shampoo. Repeat the above process 3 times a week for 6 weeks. We recommend that PÉRGATIS HAIR is applied on dry hair and that a mild shampoo is used (single rinse) ideally the morning after each application.

Has PÉRGATIS HAIR been tested on animals or derived from bees?

Has PÉRGATIS HAIR been tested on animals or derived from bees? PÉRGATIS HAIR is: 100% natural Chemical free Alcohol free Not tested on animals Not derived from bees Suitable for Halal and Kosher use NOT Suitable for Vegans (due to a small amount of Hydrogenated Egg Oil)

Is PÉRGATIS HAIR safe to use during pregnancy & breastfeeding?

Yes PÉRGATIS HAIR is 100% natural and can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

I have Hereditary hair loss will PÉRGATIS HAIR work for me?

PÉRGATIS HAIR will not fully help you longer term, but will help slow down shedding of hair and help the hair you still have gain strength.

When can I use PÉRGATIS HAIR?

PÉRGATIS HAIR is used in a variety of conditions resulting from:

  • Post Child birth (Postpartum Alopecia)
  • Damaged hair due to excessive use of chemicals, straightening agents, hair irons.
  • Use of birth control pills and pregnancy terminations
  • Dieting drugs
  • Post chemotherapy
  • Stress related hair loss

Are there any underlying conditions for hair loss?

In some cases where diffused and sudden hair loss occurs, if untreated, the hair loss may continue until the underlying cause is treated. A few examples are:

  • Thyroid Gland Malfunction
  • Diabetes
  • Anaemia
  • Systemic Lupus Erythematosis or SLE
In such cases, PÉRGATIS HAIR is likely to be of benefit, but only when used continuously, with concurrent treatment of the underlying condition.


PÉRGATIS HAIR contains egg oil and therefore not suitable for Vegans.

Does PÉRGATIS HAIR contain any Alcohol?

No, PÉRGATIS HAIR does not contain alcohol.

Is it possible to try a sample of PÉRGATIS HAIR before purchasing?

It takes 4-6 weeks of regular use to truly feel and notice the full benefits of the product. We, therefore, do not offer consumer samples.

How soon can I expect results?

Results depend on multiple factors like type, nature and extent of hair loss, and regularity of application of Pérgatis Hair. In general, most people would start to notice an improvement following 6 weeks of regular use. After 6 weeks, you can reduce the frequency of use to suit your individual needs.

How do I undergo a Patch test for PÉRGATIS HAIR?

Please follow the following steps to perform a Patch Test before applying PÉRGATIS HAIR. Please remember, this test is a precaution and an allergic reaction may still occur. Please consult a doctor if you have any doubts.

  • Taking a few drops of PÉRGATIS HAIR, apply a small amount to the bend of your elbow (approximately 1cm)
  • Leave for 4 hours (ideally overnight)
  • After 4 hours, look for signs of rash, redness, swelling, burning or itching
If you notice any of these signs, do not use the product and call your doctor. Additionally, if irritation occurs within the first hour of applying to your elbow, rinse immediately.

Are there any side effects of PÉRGATIS HAIR?

PÉRGATIS HAIR is 100% natural and has no known or reported side effects. About 1% of users feel a slight burning on the scalp during first time use, which goes away on its own within minutes.

Can stress cause hair loss?

Regular stress can cause hair loss. Factors such as hormones from pregnancy or a thyroid condition, crash dieting, and certain medications also may cause Telogen Effluvium. You should see your doctor if there is no family history of gradual hair loss, or hair loss is sudden and/or patchy, or if you feel that your diet may be causing your hair loss. PÉRGATIS HAIR is known to help people with such conditions provided the underlying condition is addressed.

Are there any known Allergies to PÉRGATIS HAIR?

PÉRGATIS HAIR is not known to cause any allergies. If you are allergic to any of the ingredients, please do not use the product and consult your doctor. Please apply the product on a small area before starting to use. If therre is a rash or irritation, please discontinue use.