Our hair revitalising solution, for both men & women, nourishes weak and dry hair follicles with 100% Natural Ingredients.

PÉRGATIS is a global brand that focusses on haircare and relaxation with 100% natural quality solutions.
Discover well-nourished hair!
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PÉRGATIS is a global brand that focusses on Haircare and Relaxation with 100% natural quality solutions. Building on the success of the hair product, and responding to strong customer demand, PÉRGATIS also introduced a 100% natural eyebrow product.

The Pérgatis journey started more than 15 years ago, when our founder, who had started to experience hair loss, was introduced to a natural haircare product in a small village in Malaysia. With little belief in such therapies, it took some time for him to get convinced to use the product. The results were simply unbelievable. With time, it was clear that the product carried a huge potential. This is when the foundation of a hair business called Haireal was laid in Asia. The rest as they say is history. Sales grew exponentially in Asia after market coverage was expanded through distributors and the product was taken through several phases of development to improve its efficacy and stability. The business was recently restructured to form Pérgatis, a brand that goes beyond hair and operates globally.

The name Pérgatis is derived from the word Pergamon, an ancient city now known as Bergama in present day Turkey, famous for Aelius Galenus. Aelius Galenus or Galen is one of the most accomplished men in the ancient world to have revolutionised knowledge of human health. Pérgatis pays homage to this ancient city made famous by Galen as well as by its status is a major cultural centre of the ancient Greek world (281-133BC).